The Devil in Diesel 

A serial killer obsessed with gender roles is stalking Latina diesel mechanic Lena Forte. The closer he comes, the more she fears he could be someone she knows. One co-worker wants her to quit. The new guy wants a date… or does he just want to get her alone? Truckers come and go, but could one be watching, waiting for the perfect moment to add her to the body count?  As Lena digs through the lives of those around her, not everyone is who they seem. All have secrets, and one wants her dead.

Split Decisions

Anni James is lucky to find a friend when she runs away from the foster system. Nina is a brilliant sassy girl with a knack for hacking and trouble. Trying to score some cash for a room off the cold sidewalks, Anni and Nina find a target and make quick work to steal his identity, but when their victim(a scientist) winds up dead, Anni and Nina know they may be the holders of the man’s final secret. Now on the run from a powerful pharmaceutical company, the girls inadvertently wind up on the FBI’s most wanted list. With no where to run and even fewer places to hide, Anni and Nina figure the only way out is to bring down Swanson Pharmaceuticals, but to do that, they will have to risk everything, including a generation of young adults enrolled in a new depression treatment program and their own lives.

No Geeks, No Glory: A Jo Rivetti Novel

12yo girl genius, Jo Rivetti, relies on perfection to stay sane in a world where her sister is a sports star and her brother can’t say no to trouble. So when Jo gets her first ever B+ from her favorite teacher, Ms. Blooms, there is nothing more important than correcting this blight on her spotless record. But then Ms. Blooms suddenly goes missing leaving only a cryptic note for Jo to find. When deciphering the note leads to a late night recon mission and the discovery of a mysterious math website connected to a hidden inheritance, Jo knows exactly why her teacher was taken. Now she has to get her back, despite a new looming court date (thanks bro), house arrest, and nearly impossible clues. Jo’s never failed anything in her life, and she isn’t about to start now, especially if failure means Jo, her friends and family, and Ms. Blooms might all sum to zero. 

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